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Welcome to Ploud - Public Library in the Cloud

Ploud is the public library web content management platform that is easy to use and runs the websites of hundreds of libraries across the country.

This content can be replaced and is here only to provide direction to start the process of updating your site. This is here only as an example.

Library Shelves PictureThe Ploud platform provides a foundation for small and medium sized libraries to create an affordable, easy to customize web presence for their patrons.

This platform is the only library offering that allows customization of both the look and feel of the site without sacrificing functionality. 

This means libraries can craft unique sites that engage users and allows easy page development and content modifications.  

Easy to use tools.

Ploud has several tools to build your website including a What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor, content portlets and image management tools.

Help Desk and Supporting Community

Help Desk

The Help Desk contains FAQs and guides on a variety of subjects. It is intended to include as much information as it can to help you use your site independently. If your question isn’t answered by any article in the Knowledge Base, or if you’re experiencing a problem with your site, you can always create a new support ticket to request help. If you have questions you’d like to ask, new features you’d like to discuss, or are concerned about something you’re seeing, you can also start a discussion in the Forums

Webinar Recordings
There are a series of pre-recorded webinars (click here) where the setup of the Ploud sites was discussed and demonstrated. Future webinar recordings are planned and will cover a range of topics.

Responsively Designed Themes
Each theme that has been created for your Ploud web site has been responsively designed. What this means for your site visitors is that whether they visit your website on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone, your website will look great.

Scheduled Feature Roll-outs
Periodically we release new features that enhance the Ploud platform, often adding new features that have been developed as a result of input from other libraries.

Cloud-based Infrastructure
Your library's website is hosted in 'the cloud'. What that means is that it is available from anywhere. You can administer comment from other devices that are not a part of your libraries equipment. You can even change content from your home computer.

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